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Today went out as normal as it could.Enjoyed afternoon in library reading magazines and dailies.I came to know about the IEEE SPECTRUM magazine last year and reading it since then.Its feeding my technical starvation from last year.This month’s articles were very interesting and techie.It had a main story on oncoming chip fabrication and growing Semicon Industry in India.AMD,INTEL,CISCO,IBM are in full swing to start the plants in India.Even Microsoft had their plans to start their game console(xbox) and hardware plant in India.AMD’s plant could be functional by next year’s end.This is a nice news to guys like me who are interested in pursuing careers with Bigbosses of the industry but not to leave the country.Another article gave insights about Quantum Electronics(can anyone tell me whats a qubit???) and articles related to night vision in cars,zoe-the next gen rover in design etc,etc.

          The graduation day for my seniors(01-05) is going to be tomorrow and I cud meet some seniors  and hear their experiences of their work.Partcularly expecting satheesh annan very much.He is such a nice senior to us.We used to enjoy with him when he is in hostel.We miss him very much.

        Then the life goes as usual boring in college.Further campus recruitments are expected only next year.This semester classes may end with 13th.We are having our univ pracs from 18th.Loads and loads of record works awaits me in hostel.So Bye for now!


Written by Lakshmi Narayanan

April 1, 2006 at 9:15 pm

Posted in College

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