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Telecom Wars in India

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Its mobile everywhere!from Kashmir to Kanyakumari(actually Port Blair),Kutch to NorthEast.It’s happening in India.A country known by west as country of snake charmers and poverty before 2 decades has the second largest growing market of mobiles now.(1st ofcourse is china.).Telecom wars are raging throughout the country.Attractive plans,Life time cards,VAS,,Free msging etc…Now customer is the king here.If he dont like one service he is moving to another which is not possible b4 8 years when the market is monopolised by state-owned DOT(Dept.Of.Telecom.).More than dozen operators are operating in the country making the customer’s options wide.

        At first the war happened for licenses and now its happening for bandwidth.The country is divided into two groups GSM oprs(airtel,hutch etc.) & CDMA(reliance,tataetc) and they are fighting each other for alloting spectrum to 3G services from TRAI.GSM’S 3g service called EDGE and its equivalent in CDMA called WCDMA provides contents of multemedia for which they need a higher bandwidth.They are fighting for 1950Mhz(not sure) spectrum allocation.Now both operates in 800 and 1600 MHz spectrums and 3.5G services demand 2300-2600MHz spectrums.For lay users its nothing but value for him is going to increase and he is going to get better content in his mobile itself.I’m reminding “Customer is the king here”.


Written by Lakshmi Narayanan

April 6, 2006 at 9:39 pm

Posted in India

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