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Firefox 2.0 vs IE 7

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A neck-neck Competition!Thats to say about the browser wars this time.Mozilla and Microsoft released their next versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer more or less about the same time.I downloaded both of these and upgraded my previous versions and to brief, both are nice.

Firfox 2.0

A robust browser from the family of Mozilla and one of the most popular softwares in the world.i previously used Firfox 1.0 (skipped Firefox 1.5 eventhough downloaded when it was released).Firefox is my favourite browser.Firefox 2.0 looks same as that of previous versions and there is no major changes in look except for some glassy icons.Now new links open ina new tab by default rather than in a new window,The new features in 2.0 such as RSS Feed Reader and spell checker trully rocks.Particularly spell checker is pretty useful for guys like me.All other features remains the same and really there is no need for change as it is admired by every Firefox user b4.In whole,an another quality product from Mozilla.

To download Firefox 2.0,click here

Internet Explorer 7

Is it IE?Its my first expresion when i started IE 7 for the first time.If Mozilla had done nearly zero changes for the appearance, IE had undergone a major appearance change.New look is quite appealing.Next thing i amazed about is the rich features available in it.It had integrated the tabbed browsing(implemented in Firefox long b4)for the first time.It also provides a thumbnail view of all tabs opened in a window.Its pretty useful for those who opens more tabs and finds difficult to keep track of it.Another very interesting feature is automatic sizing of webpages for printing.I really had meddled up with printing wide webpages before.Another unexpected thing is it is not buggy as like of IE6.Security is where Firefox had taken a giant leap over previous versions of IE.But IE is closing the gap now.IE7 (Eventhough security threats are issued within a day of its release)is more robust than its previous versions and it comes with an in-built phishing filter.It has a customizable search Engine like that of Firefox.(default is Live! ofcourse) and also an inbuilt RSS reader.

I personally dont like the “Page cannot be displayed” message format of IE and IE7 had changed the message to more shorter and nice look and it doesnt irritate me anymore.

IE requires a windows genuine advantage test before installation but the bypassing tricks are posted in net in notime.(Thanks!:-))Thats how I evaded the major problem.(where Firefox is a FOSS:-))

The IE is more bulky than that of Firefox,it is around 15MB compared to 5.6MB of Firefox.It is of much concern to dial-up users like me.

Atlast to conclude,Microsoft had realised it has to revamp IE to stay in the field where performance(also cost)matters and achieved it.My recommendation is,if u r a IE user upgrade and continue IE.Now there is no need for IE useers to migrate to Firefox.But Firefox is the best browser in the world and it still rocks!

To download IE7,click here


Written by Lakshmi Narayanan

November 7, 2006 at 12:37 am

Posted in Reviews

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