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A Poor fella’s travel experience

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Pre-warning:Its my longest post ever.

Im now in home to prepare!! for my forthcoming University exams.I decided to blog on my frustrating experience of my travel from my college to home.

10/11/06.The university practicals are over and i have decided to leave for home rather than staying in hostel.Very tired and exhausted to take overnight journey to home.So decided to leave next morning by train rather than bus as it is very gruesome to travel by buses these days.(that too in rainy season!!).Set alarm on my mobile for 6.00 so that i can catch the train which is scheduled for 7.45 next morning.

11/11/06:Next morning when I woke up sun had crossed quarter of the sky already.Alas!,missed the train!So decided to leave by another train in afternoon.Took another nap and later started from hostel.The first thing that troubled me that day is my mobile.Its validity had expired and my mobile had shut off all its output sound suddenly including caller’s voice.My dad and my sis called continuously but i cant hear a single word of them.Its late already for this train also.So frustrated of my mobile, took of from college to Dindigul bus stand.

When alighted at bus stand i decided to pick up an auto to railway station rather than walk as i could save time.Approached an auto and asked him about the fare.Rs.30,he said.Its attrocious.Rly.Station is just a Km away and he asks me Rs.30 for that.Im not a hard core bargainner at all.I will accept most of the prices and fares as told, as long it is acceptable and affordable.But at that day i had only limited bucks in my wallet and if i spend Rs.30 for the auto i have to take a very minimal lunch and im hungry already.So I refused and asked him for half of that.He just laughed and cited petrol prices etc as usual to an auto driver.I argued for Rs.20 later but he was firm on Rs.30.During our argument a middle aged couple came and enquired the driver for going to Railway station.He just asked me to share my journey along with them.I thought that fare can be shared and so I sat down and went to Railway station.The couple got down and paid Rs.30 to driver without asking anything and went off.Im now confused what to pay as the couple had paid Rs.30 without asking me or driver anything and went off.So I asked the driver itself what to pay.Rs.25,he told.I felt very angry and gave him just Rs.15 and he didnt accepted it.He tries to get around Rs.55 for  journey which only costs around only Rs.20 for three.I thought Rs.15 is already higher and stood firm.We argued in front of the railway station for around ten minutes and he never gave up.The crowd focus was beginning to shift on us and i have only ten minutes for the train.I have to still buy ticket standing in queue for the train.

I felt very embrassed arguing in front of the crowd and decided to pay another 5rs whatever it is.He denied that too and i had no idea what to do.Im in no position to argue and at that time the other auto drivers in the station persuaded my one to accept Rs.20(Surprise!!!!).And i gave the money and proceeded without looking back.The queue was not long as i thought of and bought the ticket and went to platform.Here comes another shock.A large crowd standing in platform to board the train.And my frustration had really crossed the limits now.I thought of returning back the ticket and go back to hostel itself.But i decided to stay on and boarded the train to see no vacant seats anywhere.So stood for around two and half hours till Ariyalur and got a seat then.Its half of my journey.Had only Rs.20 balance and decided to take only a curd rice for that.Alighted down at Villupuram penniless and hungry.What a day it is!Its the worst travel I had took in my four years to and fro from Dindigul.Went to home and had a good finish off later.


Written by Lakshmi Narayanan

November 13, 2006 at 11:31 pm

Posted in Experiences

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  1. hey is that really frustrated you it my usual way of going home,don’t bother about auto people if one won’t agree with you try other,don’t argu with a single driver and we
    have nothing to do with the crowd,try to socialize with them…..and the most important of all try to get ready before an hour of ur program…..



    December 13, 2006 at 12:15 pm

  2. dai y r u cheating those poor auto drivers, dont u spend that 5rs for buy some other books. think that this 5rs will help his family in anyway………………


    December 14, 2006 at 2:23 pm

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