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An Year I cherished!

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This post should be actually posted on new year’s eve.But my patchy dial-up connection in home preventd me 4m doing this.2006-an year I never want to forget.Let me recollect what I had gone thru last year, i begun blogging,enjoyed@SAARANG,failed an interview,assisted in our dept symposium,moved to wordpress,failed again in interview,got thru the next,enjoyed a nice vacation,scored the highest marks of my engg. studies,thought of a mini project,forgot abt that project,got drained in orkut,forgot blogging,back to blogging,wrote an ordinary post yet got a huge traffic,read a lot of books(really a lot) and finally felt happy throughout the year(i cant even remeber a single bitter moment).This is the best year of my engineering studies,my personal life and all together.I really cherished it a lot!Hope 2007 will be also the same.My last year resolution was to start a blog and maintain it.And Im quite satisfied that i had kept my resolution.I have no such kind of resolution this year,i will post it as soon as i decide one.

And finally and a very late Happy New Year.

P.S:-Really enjoyed myself cherishing the lat year’s moments reading my blog posts.Thats the thing which attracted me to blogs when i started blogging.


Written by Lakshmi Narayanan

January 6, 2007 at 2:33 pm

Posted in Experiences

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