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We have been visiting our friends’ homes for the past three weeks.It just started suddenly with all of our guys deciding to boycott Hostel Day and thinking of a place to go on that day.Mullai invited all of us to his home and that started of a series of trips i cant forget in my life.So went to his home(Madurai) and had great moments there.Mayoor and Nagaraj also were from Madurai and they invited us to their homes.After Mullai’s home our next stop was at Mayoor’s home(visited Eco Park enroute). His home lies in the heart of Madurai City and i am pretty excited about that(I havent been there many times).Got a chance to have a glimpse of Meenakshi Amman Temple.(I have to make a visit there within these college days). Really enjoyed there in Mayoor’s home with a variety of Snacks and icecream he offered.(cant forget playing with Jia too).Then to Nagaraj’s home where we have planned to stay overnight.His parents were too kind to us and they made us feel that we were Kings.Next day went to AlagarKoil(a hill abode of Lord Muruga) near the city. I have never been before to such kind of place where one has to climb the hill thru a path surrounded by trees and frequent bullying by monkeys for eateries.Then came back to hostel that night completing our first leg of our trip.

Second leg of our trip is to Kerala, native state of Manoj where “We” have been inivted for a family function by him.Im pretty thrilled about visiting Kerala,as its a world famous tourist destination.We went there on a three day trip.His home is in a village near Kayamkulam, a town.First day,we reached Kayamkulam by train and were put up in a hotel booked by Manoj’s brother.That evening,we went to Alapuzha, a nearby town which is famous for its beaches,backwaters and boat houses.Had a nice time in beach there with all of us playing with waves.Returned with a lot of sand in our dresses.Function was on next day and went to his home to attend the function.Its a nice small village where everyone seems to be interested in us visiting there.Enjoyed there too seeing fertile lands,rubber plantations,temple and watching guys bathing and playing in a pond.Next day we moved to Trivandrum,capital city of Kerala. A section of us went to see Abishta Mam(She teached us in third semester when i hadnt started blogging else i would have surely mentioned about her) who is working there in a nearby college.Great experience visiting her college.Then went to Kovalam ,which has world renowned beaches.I have been there to Kovalam before visiting a beach, but now only came to know it has two other nice beaches other than i went to.On visiting the beaches only understood why they were world famous.Sea is crystal clear there like one i havent seen anywhere before.Played there too a lot and took the overnight train back to dindigul.

It will take years beyond my life to forget these sweet memories.The thought of leaving my friends and college really will cost something in my life.

More photos of Madurai Trip can be found here.Photos of Kerala Trip is here


1. In Kerala trip “We” implies Me,Mayoor,Mullai,Vijay,Manoj,Senthil,Sankar,Muthu, Joe,Barani,Arun,Sengol,Thenappan.In Madurai trip “We” implies most of the guys of CSE.

2.I thought  Kerala has a humid climate,but its frigging hot there now.its even hotter than TamilNadu.

3.We cant find a decent and nice restaurant there in Kerala towns(except in Trivandrum).Im disgusted with Kerala food.

4.Trivandrum City is not the same now as that of I had visited six years before.Its like any other Indian city now

5.Kerala has the best roads i have ever seen(Trivandrum City is an exception).Nearly all the roads there were smooth and potholes free.Good!


Written by Lakshmi Narayanan

April 8, 2007 at 3:47 pm

Posted in Travel

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  1. Ofcourse a nice trip to Madurai and also to Kerala, wat abt our next trip……….


    April 9, 2007 at 12:23 pm

  2. machan vittu te poitela…. paravala vidu…unai pathu keran…


    April 16, 2007 at 7:35 pm

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