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Who am I?

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Who am I? I’m not me.I have changed!!!!!!

1.I’m no more a guy who wakes up a whole night and sleep for a entire day.I’m getting up and going to bed a lot earlier.

2.I feel a lot lonely.After a lovely four year with a lot of friends
it’s definitely lonely to be with only a few closer people.

3.Living without blogging,mails,twitter,orkut and whatever i used to do in web.This image explains everything.

By the way,Got time to read blogs and do e-mails after a long gap.

Read loads and loads of blog posts today.Sad to know that i missed a real lot of interesting news and posts.Got to know about MS Surface,Popfly etc now only:-( Meanwhile I’m into .NET now and it’s really hard to miss Java.I like Microsoft but .NET is not my all-time favorite.In office,Javid does love .NET and we end up arguing.


1.In the past hour,I found that posts on .NET and C# in my regular reading blogs is higher than usual.Is it directly related to my new stint?

2.Found this and this quite interesting(Thanks Yuvi) although i know nothing about Silverlight and .NET.

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Written by Lakshmi Narayanan

June 24, 2007 at 2:13 am

Posted in Life

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  1. hi bozz…..u r rite…v missed a lot wen compared to college….then the way u wrote this blog was Xtremely fabulous da….keep it up…I m much inspired by ur blog style…
    its rare to protectto all those women who are doing night shift in metro cities…then they do hav some necess.duties in home than men like takin care of children and older ones…so its little bit tougher for them to engage in night shifts….the state govern. rule wil help women in terms of security and some aspects….so better dnt try to protest against nite shifts for men…enna purunjitha….Yaar theruyumila….Sakthi…the BOZZ…Pera pathala ley summa Adharuthaaa……….


    July 3, 2007 at 6:08 pm

  2. nothing like that machan……ipo thaan learn paana start panirukom….atha thaaan…then will meet u this saturday..ok…


    July 6, 2007 at 1:13 pm

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