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Commuting in our cities

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Any Indian city news paper or magazine have/had a series like this?  It’s a brilliant write up and left me wondering when downright crap such as TOI or DC or HT or even The Hindu will do something like this in their city columns rather than the useless junk they are filling it now with?. I would love a similar series for any Indian city. Just imagine how good a similar series can be written for our cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore(!!) ?

Although our public transport infrastructure is pathetic it’s better that residents of the city learn how their fellow people commute. It’s high time we make people aware about existing public transport networks in each city. Many people don’t have any clue about public transport modes and all they know is their own bike/car. I have seen people residing in Chennai for quite a period wondering  when i say that suburban trains can take you around 15km in about 30mins in peak hours for which they are spending around 1-1.5 hrs now in their bike/car. I agree that all people can’t use public transport due to lack of network or their own convenience. But people who live in areas which are covered by public transport can at least give it a try. You will know that it’s not that much bad. For example, It’s good to hear that Velachery – Chennai Beach MRTS service via IT corridor has picked up some good reception and i believe its the best mode to commute if you live along its network.

On a side note, all Indian news papers’ websites looks crap. Just check NyTimes.com and TimesofIndia.com. Publishers, plese try to give us a site which is at least half good as nytimes.com and which will give us a feeling to read your content.


Written by Lakshmi Narayanan

October 31, 2008 at 3:23 am

Posted in India, Travel

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