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It’s really not an easy thing to write a post in an almost discontinued blog. Even though I have plenty of free time every weekend, taking time to update my once beloved blog never flashed across my mind even once. May be I lost my love for blogging.

Life is hitting me pretty hard these times and I’m trying to fight it back. Even though I don’t share the same passion for work when i started, once identified synonymous for me in my workplace, I’m still trying to make it up. Yesterday, leaving all my work behind, I had a sudden urge to leave office at 6PM (which is pretty rare) and go for a place where I can really enjoy to the core. First choice came out of my mind is a book store. Also it’s been days since I read a book and I was off to Landmark in Nungambakkam without any second thoughts and informing nobody. It was really a break needed for me and I was literally feeling like a kid taken to a toy store when I entered the book store. I went on a small spree picking up books as I went. And have to drop off some books later as I felt that I’m really excited and I’m really not going to read all the books at a stretch. Picked up some random titles and some books my sister was looking for. Later went for a good restaurant and enjoyed a nice dinner. I was puzzled at that night on me acting so weird, leaving all my work and taking a sudden plunge. But it really recharged me and I’m feeling very good from the next day. I thought I have nearly lost part of my interests due to my life pattern but once I was pushed to the edge, I just left every other thing for a while to take care of me!!! I’m still wondering I did that!!! Life is sometimes very strange indeed!!!


Written by Lakshmi Narayanan

October 18, 2008 at 1:58 am

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